Make loads of money betting on soccer by joining the LeoVegas Football Club

Know soccer (football) inside and out? Why be content to simply own your friends with your superior knowledge when you could be making loads of cash beating the bookies online?

There are tonnes of choices online when it comes to sportsbooks, but it helps to bet on sites where you don’t just get inviting odds but also promos that help to smooth over the bumpy days.

LeoVegas is a prime example, as they reward players for betting with them on a consistent basis. Their latest scheme: the LeoVegas Football Club, which provides an ongoing series of bonuses to frequent bettors.

Let’s talk about this in further detail below.

What does this promotion involve?

Despite its name, you won’t be suiting up in real life to play on behalf of an online gaming site – rather, you’ll be headed to battle against the bookies. Find bets with odds above 1.5 that you think are profitable and lay your money down.

Your first bet, fifth bet, and every fifth bet thereafter will net you either profit boosts or free bets. As you place more bets, their amount will increase – manage to place 25 in a single month, you’ll get promoted to the Premier Ladder.

Every fifth bet on the Premier Ladder gets you a $20 free bet, and every winning bet will net you monthly leaderboard points. Win the leaderboard, and you’ll be off on a dream football trip to any of a number of amazing destinations around the world.

The season is on until May 2019, so you have ample opportunity to claim the top prize – good luck!

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