Strive for athletic greatness in 2019 on LeoVegas

You may not be a pro athlete. Heck, you got cut from the high school football team every year you tried out. But no matter how old you might be, it’s never too late to make your mark in the sports world.

To be clear, we’re not talking about achieving greatness on the field – at your age, having fun with your buddies is about much as you can hope for. No, sports betting glory is what we’re talking about – if you can place a real money bet, you too can enjoy your moment in the sun.

This is what LeoVegas is promising its customers in 2019 – find out more about the LeoVegas Sport Hall of Fame below the fold.

How does this promotion work?

Each month in 2019, the sportsbook at LeoVegas will recognize its boldest bettors. There are three ways to win – have the largest net profit off a single wager, win with the longest odds, or pull off the biggest parlay victory of the month.

Not only will you be honoured by LeoVegas, but you’ll also win a $250 prize. Not a bad way to be recognized for your sports betting prowess.

Got the guts to go for the glory? LeoVegas is where’s it at for sports betting in 2019 – we’ll see you there this weekend!

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