Sad summer is over? Stay inside and win your share of $1,000 playing table games on BitStarz!

Promotion Summary
  • Table Wars is a weekly leaderboard tournament on BitStarz
  • Every wager you make equates to points
  • Finish in the top 20 to win a wager-free cash prize - $500 awarded to the first place finisher

So… summer is over already – booo! As the leaves outside die a slow death, and the nights get frostier, you’re dreading the winter to come.

We say – why dread the inevitable? Adapt and thrive by making the most of your time in the Great Indoors! Start by realigning with your love of gaming. You took time off to enjoy our all-too-short summers, but now, you have months to get in some sessions.

Get back into the groove by playing a table game tournament. BitStarz hosts one every week, with REAL CASH prizes on the line! Find out more about it below.

How does this promo work?

Every week, BitStarz hosts a leaderboard tournament for table game players that they call Table Wars. The concept is simple: Every wager made on table games like blackjack and roulette translates into points. Finish in the top 20 to win wager-free cash!

To participate, surf to the Table Wars contest page. Then, click the “SIGN UP” button to enroll in the next tournament. When the countdown timer hits zero, wager with all your might. If you finish in the top 20 seven days later, you’ll win at least $5. Finish in first to win $500!

Who cares about the weather outside when you got hot gaming action inside? Jump on BitStarz, and you’ll forget about the frozen hellscape Canada will soon become!

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