Battle other slot players for your share of ~$1500 every week on BitStarz

Even if we enjoy what we do, work can be a grind sometimes. As such, it is important to find ways to unwind during our downtime.

If you are a fan of slots, the game itself can be a stimulating way to wind down your day, but if you have a competitive streak, you need to know this form of gaming also comes in a tournament format. Many sites offer slot races where you compete against other gamers for a share of a set prize pool.

Lately, we found an especially juicy one on BitStarz, which is one of the biggest crypto-friendly gaming sites on the internet.

Still interested? Read on below the fold for more info.

What does this promotion involve?

Every week, BitStarz holds a slot tournament known as Slot Wars. Starting on Saturdays at 7:01 pm ET, it runs until the following Saturday at 6:59 pm ET. To win, players amass points for every real money spin they take, regardless of the outcome.

The top 50 participants win either free spins or money. #31-50 get between 10-20 free spins, while #30 and up wins at least €5 in the currency of their choice. The big prizes are up top: 3rd place gets ~$150, 2nd wins ~$225, while the 1st place winner takes down ~$450.

So long as you’ve deposited four times on the site, you’re good to go. If you are, clear your schedule and get spinning – there’s some big money waiting to be won out there!

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