Be rewarded for playing your favourite game: join a Rizk Race tonight

Slots just speak to your soul. Throwing the complicated rules of other games by the wayside, they cut to the chase. All you have to do is bet, pull the lever, and put everything in the hands of Lady Luck.

As entertaining as that is, there’s a way to make this beautiful game even more exciting. Slots have tournament formats now, in much the way that poker does. Now you can compete against other gamers to see who can spin fastest, and see who luck favours.

There are numerous sites out there that offer these tourneys, but in our view, Rizk has done an amazing job with the format.

Find out why we think Rizk Races are so rad below the fold.

How does this tournament work?

Every 30 to 60 minutes, a slot tournament known as a Rizk Race launches on Rizk. Regular races run 25 minutes and dangle free spins as prizes, but several times per day, main Rizk races offer players upwards of €1,000 for finishing in first place.

The former has lower spin limits and a smaller minimum bet, while the latter requires more spins and higher bet sizing in order for players to compete for bigger prizes. No matter what your risk tolerance, there’s a contest with your name on it.

That’s about it. Give a Rizk Race a try today – you might win big!

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