Win your share of $750 daily, just for playing blackjack at the 888 Live Casino

Promotion Summary
  • Each day $750 in bonus cards are mixed in the deck
  • To win play at the live casino 888Xtra rooms
  • Total of 12 bonus cards, ranging from $25 - $100

You’ve always been passionate about blackjack. Unlike casino games that rely on pure luck, you can use strategy to improve your chances. Hitting/standing when you should, splitting/doubling down at opportune times – these are tools that maximize your take.

Don’t forget about bonuses, though. While casinos give most of these offers to slots players, some target blackjack. 888Casino is famous for its blackjack promos. Below, we’ll talk about its daily promotion that could see you walk away with hundreds of extra dollars.

How does this promotion work?

Each day at 888Casino, a specific blackjack table in the 888 Private Room gives out $750 in bonuses. That is the Live Casino 888Xtra table – if you can get on, you can contend for them.

Before play begins each day, dealers mix in 12 unique cards. On them, you’ll find cash amounts – three each of $25, $50, $75, and $100 exist.

If you have a seat at the table and you’ll get dealt one of them, you win the amount shown. Just like that – so simple! You may have some work after that (you must wager through bonus cash 30x), but you can handle it.

Want to claim your daily share of blackjack bonus cash? Jump on the Live Casino 888Xtra table between 9 am – 9 pm, every day at 888Casino.

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