Get in the game with Spin Palace Sports: take advantage of their free bet promo

There isn’t a better time to bet on sports than now. The World Series is on, the NFL is in mid-season form, hockey just started, and the NBA regular season tip-off isn’t far behind. Each night, there is a game to get excited over, and profitable opportunities to pounce upon.

Want to leave behind the parlays that state-sponsored lotteries force on you? There are a variety of sportsbooks on the net that allow you to bet on single games and statistical outcomes within them, making it easier for a knowledgeable fan like yourself to profit.

While there are a lot of sites that are trustworthy, it is also important to look for one that offers excellent bonuses. Recently, Spin Palace launched their sportsbook, Spin Palace Sports, and we gotta say, their first-time depositor bonus is a doozy.

We’ll spill the details below.

What does this promotion involve?

Spin Palace Sports is offering new bettors an opportunity to earn a free bet of up to $200 by offering a 100% deposit bonus. You put a bankroll of $200 on their site, you get a real money bonus in way of free bet of $200 – just like that.

You’ll have plenty of options to risk it on, as there are betting lines for games in sports leagues around the globe. From baseball to hockey to soccer, it’s all there. Find an oversight, lay your money down, and if your team comes through, you’ll have a tonne of cash to show for your sports intellect.

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