Capitalize on your knowledge of hockey: profit boosts in effect on LeoVegas

Hockey is basically life to you. It’s all you’ve ever known since you were young – from backyard games to rep hockey to Saturday night matches on TV, the sport runs in your blood.

This has given you an enviable body of knowledge over the years. No one in your peer group can call the outcome of matches quite as accurately as you can. For the longest time, you’ve done nothing but frustrate your friends – but what if you could do more than that?

Unlike the shady bookie down at the local bar, many online sportsbooks are professionally run. LeoVegas is a prime example, as it accepts untold thousands of bets each day, and pays out tonnes of withdrawals.

Like other parts of its online casino, its sportsbook also runs promotions. There’s one running now that could make you a bundle – let us tell you about it below.

What does this promo involve?

From now until January 6th, LeoVegas is offering profit boosts on hockey parlays. They are available on three, four, and five-game sets – pick games with win odds of 1.4 or higher, and you’ll be eligible for boosts of 10%, 20%, and 35%.

Place your bets right, and you could win up to $500 on each formation for a maximum possible total of $1,500. You won’t even have to put a bunch of money down – max bet is $30 per parlay.

Ready to dominate the world of hockey sports betting? Start your quest on LeoVegas – just be sure to give us a shout out when you make your first million, okay?

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