Earn cash every time you make a bet at 888Casino

Sometimes the wins just keep coming. Other times, you miss twenty spins in a row, only to hit a 2x win on the 21st. Umm… thanks?

These frustrating sessions can put some people off gaming entirely. This is why virtually every online casino offers promotions – to keep excitement levels up, no matter how lucky or unlucky a player is on any given day.

However, many of these bonuses come with strings attached before they can be withdrawn. 888Casino is offering a program that is more direct and beneficial to players – a comp system that earns them money every time their risk their money.

Sound interesting? Learn more about it below.

How does this system work?

Firstly, there are no hoops you need jump through to qualify for 888Casino’s Comp Points. If you have an account, you already earn them with every bet that you make.

For every $10 CAD risked, players will get 1.25 points in their account. This doesn’t sound like much, but they are earned whether you win or lose. If you bet through $500 CAD (not uncommon for a quick session), you will have amassed 62.5 points.

Points are exchanged at the rate of 125 points per $1 CAD. If you play 20 sessions per month at the above-mentioned rate, you will have $10 CAD worth of comp points in your account at the end of play.

Note that many players bet through far more than $500 CAD in a session, so at the end of the month, you may have enough earned to pay for a nice evening out for you and your partner – nice!

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