Real Money Poker Online

In the turn of the new millennium, online poker and other casino games took a turn for the best and became even more popular thanks to the advent of technology. iGaming became a trend that broke the norm of having to travel to a brick and mortar casino to enjoy your favorite games.

Canada was and has been a big part of this revolution. Daniel Negreanu, i.e., is the household name in the world poker. And by the way also the record holder for the highest poker lifetime earnings in the world.

Best Real Money Poker 2018

Recommended Canada-friendly Poker Sites

  • Casinos that accept Canadian players
  • Offer loyalty programs and welcome bonuses

We take a look at casinos that accept Canadians to take part in real money poker online games and tournaments. There are over 100+ real money poker online sites these days, but we only recommend the ones that offer players the best action amongst other incentives. Such as generous welcome bonuses, excellent customer experience and rewards for loyalty.

An often overlooked factor in casino reviews is the fact that playing real money poker online also requires worthy opponents. That´s why we here at only recommend online poker rooms with a substantial clientele number to guarantee enough traffic on its site.

The large player-base is one of the signs that guarantee a decent turnout at hosted Poker tournaments. There you can flex your skills with some of the best players in Canada and beyond. We have also ensured that payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals are certified, legal, and supported in Canada.

Poker Bonuses

  • Welcome bonus
  • Loyalty rewards

There are a ton of top-rated poker rooms available in Canada alone. With such a high level of competition, each of them tries to edge the other out, using incentives, and the most common are cash bonuses. These bonuses are awarded in two main ways; welcome bonus and loyalty rewards. Hundreds of dollars are up for grabs upon registration, which come in handy to ease real money poker online.

It has become more of standard procedure for casinos to match the first deposit amount 100%. Meaning if you deposit C$40, the credited amount is $80 as per your casino account, if it is a welcome bonus. The casino gifts an extra $40 on top of the deposit. After you have claimed and played through your welcome poker bonus, you are eligible for loyalty rewards. Terms and conditions vary, but more often than not your rewards are related to your generated “rake, ” i.e. table fee during your game-play at the tables.

What Real Money Poker Games Can I Play?

The most popular games in Canadian casinos are No-Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot-limit Omaha. Aside from these two in bigger casino sites, you might find a few stud games or even hi-lo Omaha. The 7-card Stud game is a classic Poker game which is more difficult to master unlike Texas Hold’em and as such, does not have a significant following.

  • Play No-Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Play Pot-Limit Omaha

Is PokerStars the Best Site to Play at?

PokerStars is the number one real money poker online site for poker players, as is evident by its vast number of clientele it has, globally. Most professionals, who have made a career off playing to make a living, flock here. That is because of the massive wins at stake, as well as the annual poker tournaments.

As rosy as it looks, PokerStars is not without its setbacks, especially for amateur players. It is the go-to place for any individual who is confident that they can rake in a few wins for a decent amount of money. However, most people who visit the site employ such a winning mentality.

In the long-run, it is difficult to make a profit because of the professionals and intermediary level players looking to make a killing. If you are an amateur, it is much better to visit and sign-up in smaller poker rooms where you have a better chance to win or get lucky.

Real Money Poker App

You can play real money poker online with your phone. The easiest way is to sign up at a poker site and download the official app directly from their web site. You probably won´t find the official app from Android’s Play Store, Window’s Microsoft store, or Apple’s App Store. The reason for this is that both Google and Apple aren’t too keen to feature real-money gambling apps.

Additionally, the Poker site might reward its clientele for making such a download. That´s to encourage players to take part in poker games while on the move using their compatible mobile phones. And some poker sites also offer an instant-play option, that allows you to play through your mobile browser without the need to download anything.

Some rewards that online casinos give compliant players are free tickets used to take part in small poker tournaments. Or, they credit their casino accounts with amounts ranging from about $5 to $10 to use on the site. You can also make all the financial transactions via the mobile app. The only need to using it is a stable internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are poker sites for Canadian players safe and secure?

Canadian Poker sites are both secure and safe. And they are also perfectly legal, having met the requirements outlined by the gambling authority and regulator. Furthermore, most of these sites have a global presence, thus underlining their credentials. To operate, they need to get a gaming license which is renewable after expiring.

Do I have to pay tax on my poker winnings in Canada?

In general, there is no tax obligation on the part of players after cashing in on their winnings. However, various districts in Canada have some laws which challenge this narrative. It is, thus, advisable to check and confirm this based on your physical location. The only instance tax law applies when it is a sole source of income.

Could I use any poker bonuses on Canadian-friendly sites?

Almost all Canadian casinos offer players signing-up a chance to claim a welcome bonus. And after that, you can take advantage of all kinds of loyalty rewards. And there are also a lot of unique promotions suited for Canadian players. Holidays, tickets to ice skating competitions, or hockey games, for example, are often up for grabs for active players.