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Real Money Online Poker

  • Choose the best poker site
  • Play in CAD
  • Excellent welcome bonuses for new Canadian players
  • Valuable promotions
  • Wide variety of different poker games

Real money poker is one of the most entertaining forms of online gambling. Canadian online poker players are in premium position. They have access to the best poker sites as well as huge international player pools. There are always a ton of poker going on in Canadian hours. The best real money poker sites also offer us games in CAD. It means there’s no need for currency conversion or any hassle related to that.

Poker rooms love Canadians. It means they offer game-changing welcome bonuses and loyalty schemes for Canadian players. However, there are also several other key factors when choosing the most suitable real money online poker room. We have compiled our list of things which need to be accounted for. All the poker rooms you’ll find at our site are carefully selected. They also guarantee you a fully rounded and safe online poker session time after time.

Canadian Real Money Poker Sites

There are over 100+ real money poker online sites these days. Thus it might be tough to find the best online poker room just for you. To make things easier, we only recommend the ones that offer players the best action amongst other incentives. Afterall, you do owe it to yourself to play only at the best sites.


  • Biggest poker room in the world
  • Excellent software
  • Wide variety of different poker variants
  • Tough games

PokerStars is the largest online poker rooms in the world. It offers a massive selection of cash games and tournaments around the clock. With PokerStars’ top-notch software you’ll always enjoy a fast play, high reliability and lots of customization.

PokerStars also has the most extensive spread of games offered in the business. You’ll naturally find the most popular games like Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. PokerStars also offers many other poker versions such as Seven-Card Stud, H.O.R.S.E., Razz, Badugi, Omaha Hi/Lo and so on.

There’s also a downside when playing at PokerStars. It’s the go-to real money poker site for most of the professional players looking to make a killing. It means the competition is fierce. It might be difficult for beginners or even intermediate players to make a profit at ‘Stars.

Full Tilt

Full Tilt is one of the most successful real money online poker rooms in history. Yet, the entire site came crashing down in 2011. The events known as ”Black Friday” made company unable to pay back its players. PokerStars finally purchased former rival, paid back all players and created one of the most innovative poker sites of today.

Full Tilt is geared more towards recreational players. It doesn’t support table selection, heads-up tables or more complicated versions of poker games. All this makes Full Tilt an excellent choice for new players. It’s also one of the biggest real money online sites in the world which guarantee enough traffic on the site 24/7.

Texas Hold’em Online

Known as the Cadillac of poker, Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant. Millions of players all around the world play real money Texas Hold’em online. So there’s never a shortage of tables available.

The mechanics of the game are simple, what makes Texas Hold’em so popular among the players. However, there’s more than meets the eye and as the saying goes: ”a minute to learn a lifetime to master.”

canadian real money poker online

Texas hold’em is the most popular poker game.

You can play Texas Hold’em cash games, sit & go tournaments or multi-table tournaments. All our recommended online poker rooms offer games from as little as $1 per game. For ultimate high rollers, there are tables with buy-ins of tens of thousands of dollars. And everything in between.

Best Site for Texas Hold’em

Poker Stars is the biggest online poker room in the world. However, it also has the toughest games. That’s why we’d go with the Full Tilt Poker. Especially for new players, Full Tilt is an excellent choice. It has a massive player pool which means 24/7 action in favorite games such as Texas Hold’em.

Full Tilt Poker also offers an extensive selection of tournaments with a wide range of buy-ins. To boost your bankroll right off the bat, you’ll get a fabulous welcome bonus when you register a new Canadian account at Full Tilt. After that, you can enjoy endless loyalty rewards as well as valuable rakeback scheme.

Full Tilt has a simple yet beautifully designed poker software with a lot of choices for customization. You can try it out for free in ”play money” mode before making a real money deposit.

Pot-Limit Omaha Online

Pot-Limit Omaha is a variant of Hold’em. It has been very popular in Europe for a long time and is nowadays enjoying a surge in popularity also in Canada. As a four-card version, it’s a game full of action. It might take a bit longer to learn the basics of Pot-Limit Omaha, but it’s definitely worth the time.

You’ll find a ton of real money Pot-Limit Omaha tables online. All the biggest poker rooms offer a wide variety of buy-ins and betting structures for Pot-Limit Omaha. We recommend starting at a low limit while you get the hang of the game.

Online Poker Tournaments

  • Daily tournaments
  • Weekly tournaments
  • Scoop
  • Wcoop

Real money online tournaments are extremely popular. It’s easy to understand why, since tournaments are a ton of fun and also offer a chance to win some serious money. Tournament buy-ins vary from under one dollar to hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars, so there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re a budget player enjoying casual tournaments with limited risk or a high-roller looking for a life-changing score, you’ll find a suitable real money online tournament.

Best Site for Online Poker Tournaments

You’ll find the best online poker tournaments at the largest poker rooms. As said earlier, Poker Stars is the biggest poker site in the world and offers an unrivaled choice of tournaments.

There are daily and weekly tournaments, as well as the biggest online tournaments series such as Scoop and Wcoop. Those tournament series has millions or even tens of millions of dollars in prize pools.

Real Money Poker App

You can play real money poker online with your phone. The easiest way is to sign up at a poker site and download the official app directly from their website.

You probably won’t find the official app from Android’s Play Store, Window’s Microsoft store, or Apple’s App Store. The reason for this is that both Google and Apple aren’t too keen to feature real-money gambling apps.

You might even get rewarded for making such a download. Online poker sites encourage players to take part in poker games while on the move using their compatible mobile phones. Some real money poker sites also offer an instant-play option. It allows you to play through your mobile browser without the need to download anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are poker sites for Canadian players safe and secure?

Canadian Poker sites are both secure and safe. And they are also perfectly legal, having met the requirements outlined by the gambling authority and regulator. Furthermore, most of these sites have a global presence, thus underlining their credentials. To operate, they need to get a gaming license which is renewable after expiring.

Do I have to pay tax on my poker winnings in Canada?

In general, there is no tax obligation on the part of players after cashing in on their winnings. Yet, various districts in Canada have some laws which challenge this narrative. It is, thus, advisable to check and confirm this based on your physical location. The only instance tax law applies when it is a sole source of income.

Where should I learn online poker?

Internet’s full of online poker teaching sites, so it’s hard to find a real good one. One of the best sites in July 2024 is an up-and-coming poker lifestyle site Beasts of Poker, which covers all the aspects of the game. They’ve got some of the best real money poker content available online, and their teaching articles are definitely top class. They cover all the aspects of the game from Poker Solvers to honing your mental game. Very recommended.

Best Poker Site 2024

It’s close, but we’d go with Poker Stars here.

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