Real Money Bingo Online

Online bingo is more and more popular these days. There are certain benefits compared to the land based version, although the game itself is basically the same. It´s effortless to play real money online bingo, and you can choose from different bingo games. And since prizes of the bingo cards start at few cents, there surely is something for everyone.

Best Real Money Bingo 2018

Real Money Bingo Online in Canada

  • Cheap bingo cards
  • Rich bonus offers
  • Fully licensed Canadian online bingo sites

There are a considerable number of online bingo websites which offer Canadian players that ultimate gaming experience. Playing real money bingo online gives you an opportunity to increase your adrenaline levels. The games are fun-filled and will make you relish the experience. The bingo cards available are cheap with their prices standing at a few cents making it affordable for the high, mid or low rollers. Furthermore, if lady luck happens to be on your side, you can win a few hundred dollars with online bingo tickets which will cost just a few cents.

It’s legal to play online bingo, and in fact, this culture has grown on most Canadian players. Yet, not all websites under the sun are trustworthy and reputable. So, all legal sites offering real money bingo online are regulated and controlled by credible licensing authorities. That´s something that you as a player should find out before engaging in any gameplay.

With that said, playing bingo for real money is gaining popularity as they offer an experience reminiscent to that of a land-based casino. And in some cases benefits not available in any land-based bingo casino. An example of these benefits is the welcome bonus. As such, once you sign up and become a real money bingo player, you have a chance to receive a real money bonus which you can use to win instant prizes.

Instant Bingo Without Downloading

Worried about downloading casino software as it may contain viruses? Or have that small hard drive which you don’t want to run out of space? Good news, there is a good number of no download and instant play websites. These websites give players the ability to play for real money without downloading any bulky software. And not only via desktop computers but also through tablets and smartphones.

A while back before Canadian casinos were compatible with desktops or smartphones, you had to download the software. However, technology has improved tremendously over the years. Now you can play real money bingo online without this limitation.

Once you feel comfortable, you can make deposits to online casinos using credit cards or e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Or you can choose the more traditional way and make a bank transfer or even send a cheque.

Each online bingo site is developed by a bingo software from various software providers. There are different software providers out there. That, based on the software that they provide, can lead to massive disparities between sites. Many Canadian sites are unique and offer players different types of bingo games. Yet, some bingo sites have similar games or similar interfaces with only their names and themes different. This is attributed to having fewer software providers compared to the many bingo sites out there. Examples of bingo software developers who have bug free software are Gamesys and Virtue Fusion.

Can I Play Bingo for Fun Too?

Most definitely. As much as you’re playing for the cash, there is no need to start gameplay blindly and forget to entertain yourself. Some Canadian bingo sites may allow you to play for free first. And once you’re satisfied with the experience, you can then proceed to deposit and play for real money. Other sites are generous and give you an option to play bingo for free with an opportunity to win real prizes. That´s an excellent way to experience firsthand how cool and exciting it is to play real money bingo online. Subsequently, on days you are feeling lucky you can play with real money. While during the not-so-lucky days you can revert to playing free online bingo games.

Bingo may be readily available, filled with action and fun to play. Yet, there are common mistakes you should steer clear from when engaging with free or real money bingo online. One such mistake that is crucial and can lead to you losing huge prizes is being ignorant of a bingo room’s terms and conditions. It is advisable that every time you sign up at any online bingo website, first read its terms and conditions. Which sometimes may even differ significantly from their land-based counterparts.

Each Bingo site tends to have its own set of rules and conditions related to payouts, bonuses, etiquette and deposit methods. Some even have special promotions and rewards for paid members. Thus, don’t start playing blindly only to end up with nothing to show for all your efforts.

  • Playing bingo online is about winning and having fun
  • Familiarize yourself with all the rules and conditions of a bingo site
  • Can I Play Bingo on My Phone?

    Yes, you can. Enjoying Real money bingo online is easy irrespective of whether you own a fancy iPhone or Android cell phone. As such, there are two ways you can play through your smartphone. The first one will only require you to use your web browser to access a bingo site. Just run your web browser, visit your chosen bingo room and begin playing.

    Or, you can play bingo by downloading apps of various bingo sites for the operating system used by your smartphone. As such, two common operating systems support apps designed for bingo players. These are Android and iOS. If your bingo site does not offer apps compatible with your smartphone, you can find another site that does. Or you can try to access that same site using your browser.

    Mobile bingo apps are available both as standalone programs and as an extension of bingo sites. Some apps may give you an opportunity to play with other Canadian players. Others are simulations whereby you play against a real computer. Nonetheless, Canadian players should find apps which belong to bingo sites that cater for their needs.

    What Kind Of Bingo Games Can I Play For Real Money?

    Canadian online websites offer a wide selection of bingo which a player can spend his or her entire time playing. The most common types of bingo games available for real money bingo online include the 40, 50, 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games. The difference between each ball game is the number of balls that are used. As well as progressive jackpots, special graphics, and multiplayer games. Among these versions, however, you will realize that the 80 ball bingo game offers you the fastest action. On the other hand, the 90 ball game lasts longer, offers you bigger prizes and allows more players for competition.

    The prizes on offer when playing real money bingo online are ones which any Canadian player can relish. Bingo games mainly focus on dollars, quarters and nickels. Some bingo games have side jackpots which can win you huge amounts of cash. As such, the 75 ball bingo and the 90 ball bingo games offer you a chance to win jackpots. These jackpots are specified before the game starts and don’t depend on the number of players present or the prices of the bingo tickets. Also, the 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo offer you progressive jackpots. In that case, the starting prizes grow as you continue to play and often depends on the number of players buying bingo tickets.

    What Else Can I Play?

    Apart from bingo, the sites recommended by also have a lot of slot machines. In fact, most bingo rooms offer slot machines in addition to their bingo products. That enables players to spin the reels as they wait for bingo games to begin or during play while bingo numbers are read. Most of the slots are appealing to players. They offer substantial welcome bonuses, huge Return To Player (RTP) percentages, excellent sounds, and graphics. And of course enormous jackpots.

    The idea behind slot machines is simple and straightforward. These machines are embedded with currency detectors which ensure that money inserted is legit. The size of prizes on offer depends on the patterns of symbols that come up when the reels stop spinning. Also, gameplay takes part on video slots that come with interactive features such as advanced 3d graphics and bonus games. Video slots are also designed to be played on multiple paylines depending on how the manufacturer has integrated the patterns. And just like bingo games, a great number of slots offered on bingo sites can also be accessed via a web browser without any software download. Or with generic apps built for Android or iOS operating systems.